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Grizzly Bear & Juggernaut

Once upon a time, april 1994 to be exact, a comic book store owner went to a retailer convention in St Louis. Amongts all the artists, writers and publishers a small both with two people playings cards could be seen. Although he played a lot of cards himself they didn't catch his interest at all. Not with Jeff Smith, John Byrne, Dave Dorman, J.O. Barr, Vampirella and other godlike entities in the same hall as him. When he passed them, strategically placed in the middle of the great hall, towards the end of the day they stopped playing and insisted that he take a deck and check the game out. So he did at his hotel room, the very same evening, where he opened the revised starter deck they had given him. The first thing he did on the day after was to go to Wizards of the Coast's booth and beg them to give him some more cards. That way I (yes it was me) got my first booster pack and the addiction had started. When I many years later decided that I wanted to collect all versions of a couple of cards the choices had to come from this my first edition, revised. I went with a couple of creatures that I played in all my early red/green decks. Over the years I have met both artists (Menges and Frazier) which made the choices easy to make. The two, Grizzly Bears and Juggernaut, have followed me through my Magic years and will continue to do so.

I'm looking for these to add to my collection:
Artist proof cards:   Any Grizzly Bear.
Juggernaut (Darksteel)
Juggernaut   Foreign Darksteel Juggernauts except for French and Chinese.
Grizzly Bear   Rivals /Quickstart (1996) in French (Grizzlis) and Italian (Orso Grizzly).
In french the Rivals box was called Magic: L'Assemblée.
In italian Rivals was called Magic: L'Adunanza.
7th foreign editions except for French.
8th foreign editions except for German.
Portal foreign except for French.
Any card named Grizzly or Bear from any non-MTG card game.
FOIL (non English)   7th Grizzly Bear
8th Grizzly Bear
Juggernaut (Darksteel). Except for chinese.
Tokens   Any Bear tokens except those from DCI and yourmovegames as I already have those. JingHe Age is one I know I don't have.
I also want any foreign Bear tokens that may exist.
I also have StarCityGames and GamingEtc tokens.
Original art   Jeff A Menges - Grizzly Bear (owned by a family member and not for sale)
Dan Frazier - Juggernaut (ownership unknown)
Cards with Bears in art   Armed respons (foil)
Zoologist (foil)
Infernal Genesis (foil)
Cards with Bear in the flavor text  

Kodama the North Tree (Bear in the falvor text)
Raging Bull (legends)
Any other reference to a Bear or Grizzly you can find on a card in any language.

Misprints   All misprints involving Grizzly Bears or Juggernauts or Bear-related cards.
Picture of some wanted items below    


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