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From time to time customers tell us about the high prices in their home countries. Many have asked us to create a (web) page in English to help them understand our site which is mostly in Swedish. We hope these custom made pages makes it easy for you to take advantage of our very low prices (the lowest in Europe?) and huge selection of graphic novels, trade paperbacks, board games, manga & comics in stock.

If you choose not to order from us, at least mention our prices at your local store and try to get a good discount. And if you don't get any discount, Seriebörsen is more than happy to ship your order!

The store

Should you be in Sweden and passing by Linköping, feel free to visit us at Humlegatan 5 (a city map might help...). We're open Tuesday through Friday 14.00-18.30, and Saturday 10.00-14.00. We're closed Sunday and Monday.
If you want to call the store from outside Sweden, dial 0046 73 907 14 16. Within Sweden, dial 073 907 14 16.
The street view is somewhat unimpressing. It gets better on the inside!

The lists

All prices listed are in Swedish krona (SEK). Discounts are given on large orders. Read more about the prices»

Use the browser's own search function (CTRL+F) to find specific objects in the - sometimes - very long lists. Some of the descriptions are in Swedish, so if any questions arise, please feel free to ask about the items.

List Contents
Swedish Swedish comics. If you want to know the name of your favourite character in Swedish all you have to do is ask...
Manga Manga in English plus one or two items in Japanese.
US-albums Here you find about 2000 tp:s, gn:s and collected editions. Lots of manga as well as DC, Marvel and independent titles. If we don't have it we can probably order it for you.
US-comics Most comics that don't have a Swedish price listed cost the higher of the cover price and €2. Ask if you are uncertain. Prices are usually way below guide (Overstreet) in this list. Also miniseries and long runs on other titles, plus large format items such as Mad.
Second hand Used and damaged items at a reduced price.
Collection for sale Parts of this collection are for sale. The X-men collection for instance (GS1, 94-) at an incredible price.
Other languages Mostly comics in German, Norwegian and Danish, but a few in French as well as Dutch.
New arrivals New comics this month.
Magic Singles and packs of Magic: the Gathering. Magic rares sell for €25 for a hekto.
Card games Singles and packs of games such as YuGiOh!, Pokémon and Duel Masters. We even sell cards by the kilo!
Miniature games All the hot minis: Axis & Allies, Dungeons & Dragons, Pirates and Star Wars!
Board games Popular board games at low prices. We carry a huge selection of games.
Comic supplies We stock regular bags and boards and the more expensive archival safe Mylites & Archives in many sizes. Good to know: antal means quantity.
Gaming supplies Dice, card sleeves, portfolios, boxes...
Stuff If you want t-shirts, posters, original art or odd stuff, this is the place to look! Descriptions are mostly in Swedish so just email us any questions you might have.
DVD & video Most items are region 1 (DVD) or NTSC (video) so before ordering please check what your DVD or video player can handle.
Books An assortment of books, mostly in English.
Other magazines Old Swedish magazines.
Wanted These items, both in Swedish and in English, are in demand right now. Contact Seriebörsen if you want to sell anything listed here.
Sale Special promotional offers (page in Swedish).






Swedish comics American albums American comics Manga Used albums Collection for sale Comics in other languages New arrivals Magic: the Gathering Card games Miniature games Board games Comic supplies Gaming supplies Stuff Video & DVD Books Other magazines Wanted Sale